Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney – Designating an agent to sign legal documents on your behalf and managing your property is important in planning for your future needs. A “Durable” Power of Attorney can be used to name someone to act on your behalf, even in the event that you become incapacitated. It is also possible to delegate authority to another person to make medical decisions for your minor child or children by power of attorney.The person you name to act on your behalf in a Power of Attorney is called your "Agent".  Our law firm recommends that you name both an Agent and an Alternate Agent to act on your behalf in your Power of Attorney.

The Florida Legislature passed a new law effective October 1, 2011, which rendered may Powers of Attorney which were signed before said date obsolete.  The law also provided additional authority which can now be delegated to an agent in powers of attorney signed after October 1, 2011, including changing or creating rights of survivorship, creating or amending Trust Agreements, and create or change beneficiary designations.

It is important that you have your Power of Attorney reviewed by an experienced attorney to ensure that it is still effective to meet your needs.

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